November 2015 A break from Ford for the agency came in the form of working with charity Wrap Up London. Every year they collect unwanted winter coats for the homeless. No budget, no time. Just our kind of brief. In the end, we managed to get Londoners to donate 22,500 coats in 72 hours with the help of band New Order and other local celebrities and sportsmen.


CW/AD Teagan Robinson & Marie Foster, J-G Meillaud / CD Roy Cohen




October 2015 We used Vine to help make car technologies appeal to a young, social media-savvy audience. Working with Viners from France, Spain, and U.K in collaboration with leading US Viner Zack King, to show the benefits of seeing around corners, getting where you want to at the push of a button, and being ready for all weathers. The campaign has been a resounding success with over 25 million loops to date, positive audience comments, and top ratings byTwitter Ads UK and Unruly.


CD/CW/AD Pete Hvid


May the 4th Be With You
We did this quick and dirty Social post on Star Wars Day ('May the 4th'). It ended up being the most successful social media post in Ford Mustang's history with 13,000 Likes. 7,000 Shares and over 350,000 organic views on Facebook on just that one day. Plus 250 Retweets and 300 Favourites on Twitter. It was also one of the best performing pieces of content of any brand on that day. The Force was with us.

May 2015 Ford's family car - the C-MAX - relaunched across Europe and the UK with this campaign which focussed on 'seeing the world through childrens' eyes'.
This Social Media campaign ran simultaneously with the above-the-line TV spot and Print. It invited parents to submit the 'white lies' they tell their kids to make them do what they want - via the hashtag #liesitellmykids. We shot some of the best ones. A funny way of showing how kids interpret the world and its rules. This kick-off film has got over 6 million views across the web. 
Shortlisted for The Drum Social Buzz Awards, 2015
CW/AD Alex Bower, Yonca Yilmaz
Mustang / Champions League Final Campaign
Online Pop-Up Shop Microsite / Social Media & Real-Time Twitter Campaign / OLM
The Ford Mustang is coming to Europe for the first time in its 50 year history. The campaign I creative directed centred around an historic Pre-Order event that took place during the UEFA Champions League Final on 24th May. We created an ambitious online pop-up shop where the lucky few could pre-order one of the first 500 Mustangs bound for Europe but ONLY during the match itself.
Over 2 million people visited the site and 10,000 put their names down to own one. They ended up selling out in 28 seconds.
The campaign was shortlisted at Cannes Lions 2015 and at the Euro Effies 2015. Watch the case study.
In the lead-up to the Pre-Order itself, our social media campaign centred around the message of what can be achieved in #90Minutes. We utilised a variety of celebrity advocates (including Lily Allen, Robin Van Persie, Luis Figo and Ed Westwick) to reach a bigger pool of consumers and drive them to our online Pop-Up store and microsite.

Real-Time Twitter Campaign
For the first time we also undertook a real-time Twitter social campaign as the actual Champions League Final was underway. It was all run live from a 'nerve-centre' where we live-tweeted our own commentary.
Online Media Campaign
As well as all this, we had a wide-reaching Online Media and Traditional Print Media campaign to support and drive to the Online Pop-Up shop and microsite.

More Work

Coke Zero App Video showcasing the Coke Zero 'Cleaner' App for iPhone and Android. It targeted young men who needed alibis and excuses by reskinning their dodgy phone content with goody-two-shoes texts, dummy Apps and photos to show them in a much better light.

24 Hour Fiesta Art Project - 1 In collaboration with VICE Magazine, we initiated a unique project giving young artists 24 hours (and free reign) to create an art installation based around the new Ford Fiesta. Here New York-based artist Rafael Rozendaal uses his light projections to create a dynamic living surface on the car.

C-MAX Digital An overview of the through-the-line and digital campaign I created and oversaw to launch the new C-MAX and Grand C-MAX across Europe. The work highlighted the cars' features under a single-minded thought: Innovation in your hands.

24 Hour Fiesta Art Project - 2 In the second part, London-based artist Elise creates a sculptural road that interacts with a Ford Fiesta suspended in mid-air.